Elastic Search not searching in multiple indexes with same fields/template

Hi forum,

I have 7 indexes on ES 2.4.1:

green open syslog_xxx-2016.11.15 5 1 101938408 0 27.1gb 13.5gb
green open syslog_xxx-2016.11.16 5 1 247859487 0 59.9gb 29.9gb
green open syslog_xxx-2016.11.17 5 1 236681353 0 66.6gb 33.4gb
green open syslog_xxx-2016.11.18 5 1 136261099 0 33.9gb 17.3gb

They are created by a logstash 2.3.1 process with a specific template.

I've mapped the index pattern on Kibana (syslog_xxx-*) containing time-based events associated with the correct @timestamp field.

When searching on Kibana, if my time range spans 2 indexes, only data from todays index (00h00 onward) is shown. With the same query with a time range within yesterday, it shows yesterday data.

It seems to me that it's not able to return results from 2 different indexes within the same index pattern with the same schema/fields.

Can anyone point me in the right troubleshooting direction?

PS: It's quite strange as I have another 3 or 4 index patters configured that also span multiple daily indexes and everything works great.

Many thanks


Another piece of information: This issue might have arised after an upgrade from ES 2.3.1 to ES 2.4.1

Is there any configuration that might have changed and could need some tweeking for this to work?


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