Elastic search on VM

(Srinivas) #1

We have built elastic search index which is running nicely on our local servers, but
once we move it to Azure (Virtual Machine), the same search is taking too long.

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance.

(Joar Svensson) #2

Please provide more information on the data indexed, the type of VM, Elasticsearch version etc etc. It's hard to give any hints without knowing more.

(Srinivas) #3

We created index and wrote sql data into index (roughly 10 Mill documents). The VM is windows server 2012 system. Elastic version is 2.3.

(Srinivas) #4

We have not used any special or different settings for installing on VM, do we need any special settings for VM?

(Joar Svensson) #5

How much longer does a typical search take? Are you running Windows Server 2012 locally as well with same settings regarding memory etc?

If it's possible, move to ES 5.0.1 for general performance boosts.

(Srinivas) #6

On VM normal search taking avg 30 seconds, on local servers it is 5-10 sec.
Yes, using 2012 server on local machines as well.

(Christian Dahlqvist) #7

What instance type are you using on Azure? How does this compare to the specification of the local machine?

(system) #8

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