Elastic Search Relavancy matching

I am having categories as below and respective products into those categories

  • Basin Mixer
  • Bath Shower Mixer Taps
  • Automatic bib tap
  • Basin Taps
  • Washbasins
  • CounterTop Basins

When i search for washbasin OR wash basins, I need to match the products from only
"Basin Mixer, Washbasins, CounterTop Basins", it should not match Basin Taps

We tried with match filter with operator: OR but results are not as expected. Our results are trying to match Basin Taps

Hi @Mohandass - It makes sense that Basin Taps would be returned with an OR search because Basins exists in the document. Depending on how you plan on searching and what your data looks like, you could look at the synonyms API for the "wash basin vs washbasin" issue and/or maybe set minimum_to_match.

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