Elastic Search - Search Query More weightage to exact matches

I have implemented a news search engine on elastic search. I have indexed
the articles and run the search query as following. When I search for "A B
C", I want the search engine to give more weightage to exact matches of "A
B C" > "A B" / "B C" > "A" / "B" / "C". Its not happening. How can I change
the search query to reflect this?

                'settings': {
                        'analysis': {
                                'analyzer': {
                                        'my_ngram_analyzer' : {
                                                'tokenizer' : 'my_ngram_tokenizer'
                                'tokenizer' : {
                                        'my_ngram_tokenizer' : {
                                                'type' : 'nGram',
                                                'min_gram' : '1',
                                                'max_gram' : '50'
        # ignore already existing index

res = es.search(index="article-index", fields="url", body={"query": {"query_string": {"query": keywordstr}})

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