Elastic search setup analyzers and mapping correctly

Hi all. I have some problems with setup analyzers in Elastic search. I choose analyzers which i need, but when i start setup in Elastic i have some problems. Analyzers not apply to index and mapping not setup for index
My Steps :

  1. Via Logstash i river data from MSSQL to Elastic Index
  2. I setup analyzers
  3. I setup mappings
    Maybe i not correct understanding steps order, if need i can to attach files with mapping and analyzer


something to try here, although I'm not 100% sure how well this plays together with logstash. Analyzers and Mappings are best specified at index creation time. Since Logstash usually creates indeces when required, you need to make sure that the analyzers and mapping is set for the indeces when they're created. You can do this creating an index template that includes the analyzers and the mappings.

If this doesn't help, could you share the analyzer and mapping setup that you are using?