Elastic search takes up a lot of virtual memory under Linux

Our Elasticsearch version is 7.10.2. It runs on Linux system. The JVM memory allocation is about 3G, and the node memory is about 8G. It is a three node cluster system. The cluster has eight shard, each of which is about 20G. In the no-load state, the virtual memory occupies 45g. Why?

Elasticsearch uses some off-heap memory in addition to the heap, but also makes use of the operating system page cache to cache frequently accessed files in memory for better performance. I suspect this is what is showing up as memory usage. This is generally not a problem as the operating system will reclaim memory from the cache if needed, but make sure you have got swap disabled.

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I queried the virtual memory usage details of Elasticsearch process and found that most of them are occupied by shared, and swap has been disabled.

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