Elastic Search Timeout Property for Search

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I am currently using ES v6.1.2.
I plan to use the timeout property for search in ES.
Can someone explain how this property works in ES and how can I integrate it with Java.

For example,
I have observed that even though the took time takes 100 ms and my timeout is set to 1ms, the timed_out property in the result is returned as false.

Also, when I fired a search query, I received timed_out : true with only a limited set of docs in response. But the same query, after firing it again, returned timed_out : false with the complete docs in response.

I also read about global timeout. Does it stop the query on ES DB at shard level?
Or only terminates it for the calling client?

I plan to terminate inquiries if they exceed the given timeout.
Kindly help.

Thanks in advance.

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