Elastic search + workplace search implementation on linux server

We are trying to implement elastic workplace search on a linux server referring the link:

The Red Hat linux server is a restricted one and we can't directly download anything in it.
So, we downloaded linux elastic search 7.6.0 and enterprise search 7.6.0 in our local windows system.
Unzipped those tar files and transferred to linux server.

But while executing bin/elasticsearch getting error like

[admin@VICTCOGHZ03 elasticsearch-7.6.0]$ ./bin/elasticsearch -f
./bin/elasticsearch-env: line 2: $'\r': command not found
: invalid option namenv: line 3: set: pipefail

Java _Home is set in the server

[admin@VICTCOGHZ03 ~]$ echo $JAVA_HOME

Also tried out to remove any windows based spaces in the file.

[admin@VICTCOGHZ03 bin]$ sed -i -e 's/\r$//' elasticsearch

Any pointers on how configuration changes can be made to make it work as well as workplace search will be helpful

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