Elastic Server is stopped and not starting

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Elastic Search is stopped and not restarting.
Attached log file.
Please help me to find what is the issue and how can i solve it?
**Attached log file screenshots

Aneesh L

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The JAVA heap space is full and it has thrown an OutOfMemory error. Try increasing the heap space allocated to Elasticsearch and restart the Elasticsearch service. Also what kind of queries are you running, a heap of 1.3GB is quite less for Elasticsearch.

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I increased heap size manually in the JVM file. But its not restarting.
Without reinstall is it possible to start again?


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Data folder is having only 900MB data, then also is failed (Wndows 7)
data folder 40MB in windows 10 also failed
Heap size is related to data folder size or not?


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Heap size is independent of the disk size available. What do the logs say?

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Logs screenshot is attached in first question.
It says about heap size - out of memmory error

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The logs attached don't indicate any service restart, could you post the logs after the service has been restarted.

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I am not able to restart it

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How are you trying to start the elasticsearch service?

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From windows services I am trying to start

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