Elastic SIEM "Data Fetch Failure Invalid time value"

Hello guys,
i hope you are doing well,
so i'm facing a problem on the elastic siem app after parsing my logs and migrating them to ecs by logstash.
the problem is the following error on the host/ event view :
Data Fetch Failure
Invalid time value
but not on all my indexes just one of them i tried to rebuild timestamps but i still have this error.
if just someone could tell me the source of this one

thanks in the advance

We are not all guys here :slight_smile:
Make sure all indexes used by SIEM app all have @timestamp field of type date

Under Stack Management >> Advanced Setting

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Hi Yassine,
thanks but the thing is all my indices have type date for the @timestamp field (same mapping)

Can you post an example? maybe it's a format problem?

Hi borna
Problem resolved.
it was an unstructured event.start format

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Thanks for posting that your problem was solved. I really :heart: the forums because of all the users always post their solution and what solved their problems for others to see.

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