Elastic Slack Configuration for 6.5.4 version on Kubernetes

Hello Team,

We are trying to configure slack for sending alerts. But its throwing errors.
Elastic Version - 6.5.4
Our Elastic Service is deployed via Kubernetes.
Please find the slack configuration below :

  default_account: test_account
        url: https://hooks.slack.com/services/T6KNDU/B01GX4S6/LAJWqk6zQdR0qC3uHCd 

But we are getting the below errors :

> Suppressed: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: unknown setting [xpack.notification.slack.account.test_account.monitoring.url] please check that any required plugins are installed, or check the breaking changes documentation for removed settings

Requesting you to please help me on this. Thanks!

Sukesh Gupta A S

FYI 6.5 has been EOL for nearly a year now, you should really upgrade.

You should also add these settings to the keystore rather than the config file, as the config file option is deprecated. Slack action | Elasticsearch Guide [6.5] | Elastic versus Watcher Slack Action | Elasticsearch Guide [7.12] | Elastic

Thanks @warkolm for your reply

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