Elastic Stack 6.8.7 and 7.6.1 security update

Kibana Node.js security flaws (ESA-2020-01)

The version of Node.js shipped in all versions of Kibana prior to 7.6.1 and 6.8.7 contain three security flaws.

CVE-2019-15604 describes a Denial of Service (DoS) flaw in the TLS handling code of Node.js. Successful exploitation of this flaw could result in Kibana crashing.

CVE-2019-15606 and CVE-2019-15605 describe flaws in how Node.js handles malformed HTTP headers. These malformed headers could result in a HTTP request smuggling attack when Kibana is running behind a proxy vulnerable to HTTP request smuggling attacks.

This update upgrades Node.js to version 10.19.0, which is not vulnerable to these issues.

Affected Versions
All versions before 7.6.1 and 6.8.7

Solutions and Mitigations
Administrators running Kibana in an environment with untrusted users should upgrade to version 7.6.1 or 6.8.7. There is no workaround for the DoS issue. It may be possible to mitigate the HTTP request smuggling issues on the proxy server. Please consult your proxy vendor for instructions on how to mitigate HTTP request smuggling attacks.

CVE IDs: CVE-2019-15604, CVE-2019-15606, CVE-2019-15605