Elastic to provide active primary shards percent metric

We are trying to show metrics such as yield & harvest.

Yield is basically how much of data is available for searching.

The problem with active_shards_percent_as_num is that it considers both primary and replica. But let's say there are no replica assigned for a index. Then the active_shards_percent_as_num is 50%. We can't use this number for denoting the yield since we have all the primaries hence the yield should be 100%

I don't see a way of calculating the percentage purely based on active_primary_shard count [how do I know how many primary shards are there in the cluster when things are messy]

active_shards_percent_as_num gives you an accurate number of all the data that is searchable. It doesn't consider indices with 0 replicas into account, because as long as the primary shards are available what's the concern?

What's the perceived value in this metric you want to calculate?

Here is the thing

Let's say I have an index foo with 5 primary shards with 1 replica. Now if the replicas are not assigned, the active_shards_percent will be 50%. But since all the primaries are there, we basically have all the data hence the yield is 100% [yield = available available / total data]

Now let's say there was one primary missing, then the active_shard_percent would be around 90-99%. Even in this case the yield should be 100%. Basically I wouldnt want to consider replicas for calculating the yield

With 0 replica yes we can directly use the active_shards_percent value.

active_primary_shard_percentage = available primaries / total primaries

So whenever a cluster is RED, we want to tell our clients how much of data is available. If we display active_shards_percent, then when no replicas are assigned, it will show 50% but that's not the case afterall [all the primaries will still provide you all the data you need]


Ok that makes sense.

I can't think of anything off the top of my head, but let me think about it. Someone else might also have an idea.

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