Elastic Translog corrupted error (Unassigned shards)

Hello Friends,
Can you suggest below error related translog corrupted .100+ shards are red (unassigned state) due disk failure and most of the shards recover but few shards not getting recovery.
tried below option to resolve it
--POST _cluster/reroute , no luck
--Snapshot recovery, but data not registered, so I can not use this option
--elasticsearch-shard command line tool, But getting ,Exception in thread "main" ElasticsearchException[failed to lock node's directory, is Elasticsearch still running?]


shard has exceeded the maximum number of retries [5] on failed allocation attempts - manually call [/_cluster/reroute?retry_failed=true] to retry, *
*[unassigned_info[[reason=ALLOCATION_FAILED], at[2023-10-17T06:30:33.485Z], failed_attempts[5], failed_nodes[[]], delayed=false, details[failed shard on node *
*[]: failed recovery, failure RecoveryFailedException[[][0]: Recovery failed on {}{}{}{}{}{dilm}{ml.machine_memory=60129005568, xpack.installed=true, ml.max_open_jobs=20}]; nested: IndexShardRecoveryException[failed recovery]; nested: TranslogCorruptedException[translog from source [E:\ElasticsearchData\data\nodes\0\indices\Yj_B0BVvS_2z23xxv06S-Q\0\**translog] is corrupted**]; nested: NoSuchFileException[D:\ElasticsearchData\data\nodes\0\indices\Yj_B0BVvS_2z23xxv06S-Q\0\translog\translog-1827.tlog]; ], allocation_status[deciders_no]]]"""*

any suggestion on above issue ?

any help ?

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