Elastic4s scala API and scroll search

I have been using the elastic4s Scala API quite succesfully. However, I
just ran into an issue that is puzzling:

My Situation:
I set up a ElasticClient using a single node from the ES cluster (a
Cluster of 2 nodes). I am able to scroll through the search results to get
all my search results.
However, if I set up my client with multiple nodes, the scroll search
returns only the first page of search results. My question is there
something that prevents a scroll search from scrolling through
the search results ? Can this be resolved somehow ? ( Scoring is not
important, in case it is a factor)

sample code:

search in "index/type" limit 100 query {
} scroll ("5m")

Case that works :

client:ElasticClient = ElasticClient.remote(setttings, ("host1",9200))

Case that does not work :

client:ElasticClient =

any/all help is appreciated.



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