Elasticlabs.training URL launches to Setup instead of Kibana

Course: Kibana Security Analyst
Version: Elastic Stack 7.16.3 / CTFd 3.3.0
Question: The lab instructions URL provided from the CTFd terminal broke the other day, 504 error. Support reset the Kibana VM on the back end but the link still doesn't work. Now the link launches to a setup page that I am unable to navigate through or past.

I am unable to make any progress in the training at this moment, please advise.


Hi @AJ.DeGroot! It appears you tried to access CTFd before it was ready. Please give it at least 5 minutes before attempting your labs. The page you are seeing is for creating a CTF from scratch. So long as you didn't follow the prompts, the correct CTF should have loaded after a few minutes.

Thank you,