Kibana Security Analyst course materials don't match Strigo environment instance

Course: Kibana Security Analyst (On-demand)
Version: Current Version?
I'm in the process of setting up my lab environment and I've noticed right off the bat that when I copy the CTFd address as shown in the instructional video from the Strigo page, the "register" link is not there but rather a series of five or six tabs that I must update.

This creates an Admin user account (which I set up).

When I fill out the requested information and create an admin user and then return to the lab to lesson 1, the lab environment link (copied from Strigo) takes me to a Kibana link page. When I click on the Kibana link page as instructed in the video, it takes me to the Kibana log-in page. If I go back to the Strigo lab environment and enter the command: "cat credentials" the Strigo lab environment returns "cat: credentials: No such file or directory"

I'm not sure if CTFd has changed since the creation of this video or if I'm missing something. Either way, I'm unable to access the Kibana lab to complete this training.

I've attached various screenshots for reference.

Any help would be appreciated. Not sure how to move forward with the course.


Hi @EMParks! It sounds like you hit a bug with CTFd. This should be resolved now but we will need to send a replace command to your lab instances. In addition, cat can’t find the credentials because the file is CREDENTIALS. Please let me know if I can reset your environment to fix CTFd. Thank you!

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