Can anyone tell me what this means?

[ElasticProperty(Index = FieldIndexOption.Analyzed)]
[ElasticProperty(Index = FieldIndexOption.NotAnalyzed)]

I've been looking through documentation and I just don't understand what it means.

I asked that bc I've been trying to add a filter to a search and on every property that has one the above annotations, the result is always empty even though it should not be(to my understanding).

I am attempting to perform a query with filters. I can get it to filter on some properties but not the one I need. Here is my model:

public class IndexItem
     public DateTime CreatedDate { get; set; }

     [ElasticProperty(Index = FieldIndexOption.Analyzed)]
     public String Name { get; set; }

     [ElasticProperty(Index = FieldIndexOption.NotAnalyzed)]
     public String Role { get; set; }

     public bool ExcludeFromSearch { get; set; }

If I filter on CreatedDate or ExcludeFromSearch it works like I would think, But I cannot get it to work for Role.

filter.Add(Filter.Term(x => x.CreatedDate, searchDate)); // Works
filter.Add(Filter.Term(x => x.Role, role)); // Never Returns a result

    var searchResults = client.Search<IndexItem>(s => s
            .Filter(x => x.And(filter.ToArray()))
     ); // Returns empty if I filter by Role, but works if i filter by CreatedDate

The only difference I can see is that Role has the annotation [ElasticProperty(Index = FieldIndexOption.NotAnalyzed)]. Does this make it not allowed to be filtered by?

Thanks for all the help and tips

Hi @wallajr,

I think you use NEST, right?
I am not familiar with NEST, however I think FieldIndexOption.Analyzed/NotAnalyzed means Mapping attribute.

This article, what is the difference analyzed and not_analyzed, should help you, too.

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