Elastics gem for Ruby

Hi to all!

I was looking for some simple elasticsearch client for ruby with
ActiveRecord integration.
All existing gems seemed to me either had too complex code or had lack in

So I've made dead-simple client. It doesn't have any query DSL or any other
top-level sugar.
It just performs queries to elasticsearch and have simple AR integration
that manages index & type names.
But it allows you to write queries without translating them from ES docs
to gem`s format.

Even with the all its simplicity Elastics has necessary functions.
It can manage index settings and type mappings for you with aliases:
zero-downtime migrations are in the pack.
You also can choose model-per-index or model-per-type setup, or of course
set the index/type names manually.
Gem can be used without Rails, just check the docs for notices.

Code is here: https://github.com/printercu/elastics-rb

Hope you'll like it,

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