Elastic's plain to support Lucene Load FST offHeap features

Related to this: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/LUCENE-8635

What's the question?

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According to this, Lucene have attribute to put On/OffHeapStore when creating its FST.
dose ES plain to import this to set the attribute to put which FST to heap or offHeap store.

background: https://www.elastic.co/blog/significantly-decrease-your-elasticsearch-heap-memory-usage

Ok, yes, Elasticsearch already uses off-heap FSTs quite a lot and 7.7.0 will do so even more as detailed in the blog post you linked.

It seems like ES do not intend to expose this level settings to load lazily FST offHeap ?

Correct, it's not something you can directly control with a setting. It's done automatically.


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