Elasticseach index problem - closing randomly

I have a node with 3 indexes and each index has 3 shards. Total disk usage is about 9GB.
OS: Windows server 2016 (virtual machine)
ES: 6.2.4
memory: 16GB
HD: 250GB.
Virusscanner: mcafee.

Some indexes close by itself at random times. I have to open these indexes by using the open command. Is there a reason why the indexes close by itself.
Is there a setting I can use to prevent the indexes closing?
Thanks in advance.

You probably have something which runs and close the indices.
May be you are using curator or something?
Or someone has access to your cluster?

There is no way Elasticsearch can just close an index, or an index can just close itself, someone has to request it.

Is there a log setting to give more explanation of who is sending the close command? Or increase the log detail level?

Is there a setting to disable index closing?

I got around this by setting the index close option to false. So the index will never close. This has helped me.

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