ElasticSearc Concept doubts

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I have four nodes which are master and data enabled. so the primary master will handle the request and index management let say node 1 is primary master to cluster. let say If am populating data to non primary master node( let say node4) so in this case what is the request and indexing process by elasticsearch is elasticsearch will default find primary master in cluster event though we pointed to node4 or since node 4 is master enabled (not a primary master as of now) is it self will handle requests with out primary master please explain me this concept once.

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The node that is elected master is responsible for managing the cluster state and will handle any changes to it. All nodes are however able to handle indexing requests and queries without involving the mater node. Each node knows the distribution of indices and shards and can coordinate the execution of the request across the nodes in the cluster. You can therefore send any request to any node in the cluster and largely treat Elasticsearch as a black box.

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Thank you for the quick reply now my doubt got clarified.