Elasticsearch 1.7 search query with no scoring

There are 2 things that i want to achieve for performance reasons.

  1. I want to disable sorting and scoring in the results, since my intent is to just
    retrieve 1000 matches in the quickest fashion.

    The catch is I have full text clauses in my query part, so I can't possibly use a filter.
    I tried filter with match and it doesn't work.

    Is constant_score the way to go here?

  2. I have 5 shards, so if is there a way to tell elastic to just retrieve 200 from each
    shard and put them together .... i.e. should I say size=200 or size=1000 ?

With sorting and relevancy, I would need to give size=1000, because elastic has to
do a global sort.. but if I don't care about order, what should I do?