Elasticsearch 1.7 unable to create Azure Repository for snapshot

I am unable to snapshot to azure with the plugin installed.

Here is what I did to install

  1. plugin -install elasticsearch/elasticsearch-cloud-azure/2.0.0
  2. stopped the elastic search service
  3. modified the elasticsearch.yml file to include the following

account: armorbackups
key: XXXXX

  1. then verified the plugin was installed (which seemed to be the most likely issue based on previous articles) and verified i have a one node cluster and the plugin is on the node.
    running http://localhost:9200/_nodes/plugins produces

"cluster_name": "elasticsearch",
"nodes": {
"cTRBf4pPSyO7y7m_q0CIZA": {
"name": "Taurus",
"transport_address": "inet[/]",
"host": "REBELBASE6",
"ip": "",
"version": "1.7.4",
"build": "0d3159b",
"http_address": "inet[/]",
"plugins": [
"name": "cloud-azure",
"version": "2.0.0",
"description": "Cloud Azure Plugin",
"jvm": true,
"site": false

So any idea why I am getting the following error when I attempt the following:

-d { "type": "azure"}

"error": "RepositoryException[[rebelbase6_test] failed to create repository]; nested: NoClassSettingsException[failed to load class with value [azure]; tried [azure, org.elasticsearch.repositories.AzureRepositoryModule, org.elasticsearch.repositories.azure.AzureRepositoryModule, org.elasticsearch.repositories.azure.AzureRepositoryModule]]; nested: ClassNotFoundException[org.elasticsearch.repositories.azure.AzureRepositoryModule]; ",
"status": 500

Install 2.8.3 instead.

But definitely upgrade your cluster

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