Elasticsearch 2.1.1 is recovery can skip translog stage

this is show how slow when recovery.

some info:
index shard time type stage source_host target_host repository snapshot files files_percent bytes bytes_percent total_files total_bytes translog translog_percent total_translog

index*** 0 15635239 store translog 10.* 10.* n/a n/a 0 100.0% 0 100.0% 110 11184965870 1267370 -1.0% -1

this is use 13 h. i want to skip translog stage and make cluster from red to yellow

The only way to do that would be to delete the translog, and then you lose the data that it contains.

How large is the actual file?

i found this bug make my translog is large, 20G... i exe POST /_flush and translog flush is normal