Elasticsearch (2.3.5) is not starting in Debian Jessie

I am running Elasticsearch (2.3.5) as a daemon in Debian Jessie. I was having trouble to connect to Elasticsearch via curl until I realized Elasticsearch wasn't booting at all, despite the commands sudo service elasticsearch status, sudo /etc/init.d/elasticsearch status and sudo /bin/systemctl status elasticsearch.service show me that the service was indeed initializing.

If I check a list of running services on my system, Elasticsearch does not show up.

ps -A | grep elasticsearch

In elasticsearhc.yml, http.port is 9200, so I checking the port I should get some response, which does not happen . This is the command I am using:

sudo lsof -i TCP | grep 9200

Unfortunatelly, /var/log/elasticsearch is empty so I cannot look for possible errors.

Does someone knows what could be causing this? What where should I start look for errors?

Thanks in advance!

I recommend checking the journal for error messages:

$ sudo journalctl | grep elasticsearch | less

Thanks. I just reinstalled Elasticsearch and now it is working. I must have made a mistake at previous installation.