Elasticsearch 2021 License

Hi. I am asking a question because the elasticsearch license changed in 2021 is not well understood.
I have the phrase below,

People who take our products and sell them directly as services, like Amazon Elasticsearch Service, will be affected.

If so, if I configure a Service using the free version of Elasticsearch and sell Service, will it violate the license?
In this situation, I create a service called 'A', and sell the entire service called 'A' to customers.

Site I referenced:

Is that service selling the Elastic Stack directly?
Or, is it part of a broader product you have and are selling?

Elasticsearch is part of a broader product i have and are selling.

Then that is ok. As it mentions, if you'd like an email response from the team that is looking after this then please contact elastic_license@elastic.co

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The instructions below are still confusing.

It cannot be provided as a managed-service to other users.

  • Our company develops a system called “A” and sells “A” as a whole to customers.
  • And system "A" includes Elasticsearch (free version).
  • In system "A", Elasticsearch is used for logging, monitoring, etc.

If I sell the System "A" for money, will there be a problem with the Elasticsearch license? (What I mean is selling the whole System "A", and "A" include Elasticsearch.)

I'd suggest you email the address I mentioned above for further advice.

As long as elasticsearch API and Kibana are not visible by the end users, that's ok but as Mark said, send an email to the provided address so you will get an official answer.

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