Query on Elasticsearch license updates

Hello Team,

I would like to know about the licencing changes in Elasticsearch.

Currently I am using Elasticsearch 7.16.2 along with Filebeat. I heard that there some changes in lincencing of Elasticsearch.

We are completely using the features which are enable/available for "Free and Open Basic" license type.

Can someone please elaborate on this so that I can think of using it?


The change happened in 7.11. So you are already using the right license.

You can read details at:

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Hi @dadoonet ,

Thank you for the URL..

I just wanted to know that costing for Enterprise licensing for ELK stack and is there any limitations on usage if I buy a enterprise license..

Thank you in advance!

I think you can start from Official Elasticsearch Pricing: Elastic Cloud, Managed Elasticsearch | Elastic

I'd recommend using the cloud.elastic.co offer but if you need an on premise license, you will have to contact your sales representative. You can send me a private message for this with your company name and your location and I will find internally who is the right person for this.

But the best way is by using the contact form at Have questions? Contact Elastic | Elastic

Thank you for the info.

I wanted to use on On Premises only.

I am little confused here on first limitations. Can you please elaborate on this?

What are the key changes being made to the Elastic License?
The Elastic License 2.0 applies to our distribution and the source code of all of the free and paid features of Elasticsearch and Kibana. Our goal with ELv2 is to be as permissive as possible, while protecting against abuse. The license allows the free right to use, modify, create derivative works, and redistribute, with three simple limitations:

You may not provide the products to others as a managed service  -> **This one**
You may not circumvent the license key functionality or remove/obscure features protected by license keys 
You may not remove or obscure any licensing, copyright, or other notices

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