Elasticsearch 5.2.1 occupies more RAM space

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I have installed ES 5.2.1 in my linus box RHEL 7.2. I have 32 Gb of RAM in my box. In my elasticsearch.yml I have set the property bootstrap.memory_lock: true and I have configured my heap sie as -Xms16g -Xmx16g.. I have 5 nodes in my cluster 1 tribe and 4 master/data node. Sometimes in any node the heap sie getting overflowed and the node is becoming unresponsive. When i check the RAM using the commandfree -h . It shows only 500MB is available.

let me know is there any other settings which I need to take care either in sever or in component level.

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Could You count cache filesystem ??

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You cannot exceed whatever you have defined as heap. If free shows very little memory then it's going to be the OS using it.

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