Elasticsearch-5.5.1 not starting

HI , Need help on Elasticsearch-5.5.1.. When i start services on RHEL 7 .. it just hungs without any logs/error message.. where as I am able start Elasticsearch-6.2.2 services on same server.. This is all hapening after upgrade of linux 6 to 7. Appriciate any help on this


OMG. You have some serious issues here.

First, we don't support 5.x series. Even 6.x is closed to reach its EOL as 8.0 will be released soon.
So you should consider moving to 7.17.0.

Not sure what your current error is about (for that please share your logs) and what you did exactly on this node.

Not even single line in logs, looks boot check validation has some issue. I gone through
Boot check docs and verified all given parameters/ settings . all good


So it's now urgent that you upgrade.

Thanks , we will upgrade soon... is there any way to run in debug mode to see what exactly happening and what exactly it is looking for

Probably an indentation error or something like that in the yaml file.

Found the root cause , the issue only in RHEL7 ,, we have around 30 K mounts .. In RHEL7 all these are getting munted because of auto mounts job (auto.projects *** same has no issues in rhel 6) and looks Elasticsearch is doing pre-check on munts during bootstart and hungs without any logs. After I detached this job from host .. now services are coming up..

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