Elasticsearch 5.5 - Ways Export Monitoring


I have a large elasticsearch cluster 60 instances

Version: 5.5.1
Uptime: 12 days

Nodes: 60
Disk Available: 249TB / 413TB (60.26%)
JVM Heap: 65.84% (1TB / 2TB)

Indices: 2,855

Documents: 24,229,929,896

Disk Usage: 151TB

Primary Shards: 24,028

Replica Shards: 24,978

I use xpack monitoring free (7 days), but i show many errors about EsRejected xpack.monitoring.

So, i think the best way is : Export monitoring to other cluster.
Maybe create second Elasticsearch or other ? Use filebeat on all instances ?

What do you think about that ?

Best Regards

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