ElasticSearch 6.0 Beta2 - Perq Queries

Have been struggling with the Perq Query upgrade to 6.0 (although I like the approach) outlined in https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/6.0/query-dsl-percolate-query.html

I understand the PercolateQueryBuilder is deprecated, as this approach is flagged as such:
PercolateQueryBuilder percolateQuery = new PercolateQueryBuilder("query", "typeName", b.bytes());

In reviewing the source at:

I noticed that the version of the builder without the deprecated 'type' is not deprecated.
public PercolateQueryBuilder(String field, BytesReference document, XContentType documentXContentType) {
this(field, null, document, documentXContentType);
Will this constructor have a life going forward?


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