ElasticSearch 6+ Search Fuzzy.. Like...?

Hi everbody !

I recently migrate from Elastic Search 1.7 to Elastic Search 6.1

I have a problem for searching items with my queries...
I have a basic index : keyword which one is used to store names. (no analyzer settled)

I'd like to search a name with kind of fuzziness.

If my name is "DE GOROS" i would like to found it by typing "goros" or "GOROS" or "e goro" or "de goro"... but I dont find the correct way to do it...

(It was OK before the migration... peraphs because I removed the analyzer when I create the indexes...)

I'm using Elastica (because my app is in php) - If anybody could help me. Thanks !
(sorry for my bad english...)

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