Elasticsearch 7.14 fails to start on Ubuntu 20.04

When I first installed it using apt-get everything went smoothly and I was able to start it as a service and verified it was working by using curl:

Later I noticed that it was using a lot of memory (2GB), so I stopped the service, and thereafter I haven't been able to restart it. Tried 7.13.4 and 7.13.2 (which is working perfectly on my Ubuntu 20.10 vm).

I changed the log level to 'all' in the log4j config, but can't find anything out of the ordinary. The sun.misc.Unsafe unavailable exception exists even on the installation that works well.

Can anyone help to diagnose this issue? Full log text here:

(you don't need a login to view the above link)


Bah! Seems like a Ubuntu issue with systemd timing out:

Details here:

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