Elasticsearch 7.3 Heap Usage

Hi, We are running the latest version of elasticsearch on 16GB box with 8GB allocated to the heap. Previously the same was running elasticsearch 6.5

The heap does not seem to be reducing this is the pattern we see over 2 days, with stalling pauses at each of the steps causing queries to fail.

Any suggestions on what might be happening ?


Any suggestion ? Our cluster crashed today when we tried to do reindexing with a OOM error.

The heap usually grows until it reaches 75%, which in this case should be 6GB, at which point GC is run. Given that your graph is far lower I do not see any problem. Is there anything in the Elasticsearch logs? Exactly how did it crash? Any custom settings or configurations?

The crash was triggered through the reindexing. Interestingly the issue was resolved after changing to the G1GC collector

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