Elasticsearch 7.4 Netflow questions Logstash or filebeat WTF?

I am trying to figure out ElasticSearch and the NetFlow module.

I use to think that I would send logs from my firewalls to via UDP to logstash

but it looks like that is deprecated because of ECS.


it says i have to use filebeat (i run fully in docker)

  • have port 2055 open on the docker filebeat container

So do I have to set up a filebeat docker container with the NetFlow module and have my firewalls forward its netflow logs to the filebeat docker container?

And in the filebeat conf file just have its output be the elasticsearch server and not my logstash server?

Or am I missing something...

any help would be greatly appreciated

Have you checked out Elastiflow? We use this and it's a pretty viable solution out of the box.

yep but it does not map to ECS from what i have been told which means i can't use the SIEM app

Welcome to the club. I give up on netflow as nothing worked. and I don't think community here knows about it. or I didn't got any headway. I spend hours trying to figure out.

Hi Jordan.

Haven't tried it myself yet (still sitting on a looooong todo list) but I think you read that right. You need a filebeat with the netflow module enabled and configured.
As you mentioned you are running full docker that would mean you need a container in which filebeat is running and you forward the port you configure (2055) into the container.

The output configuration depends if you need additional message enrichment. I would assume that at least in the beginning you would set your elasticsearch cluster as output. Because there is a

filebeat setup -e

command. That will create the index templates in Kibana, some dashboard and it looks like it also deploys an ingest pipeline in elasticsearch. That ingest pipeline will then do the pattern matching etc.
Logstash output could be used if you need any additional data enrichment not given out of the box from the ingest pipeline. But I would thing in your case elasticsearch output will probably what you're after.

Is there something not working? If yes could you give us some more details of what exactly is not working? Log entries etc?


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