ElasticSearch Acknowledgements

Previously, I was using storm topology to build my pipeline to suffice my
use case which was - Reading from Kafka topic through Kafka spout, process
these tuples in Bolt, then emit them to ElasticSearch bolt to index my
tuples. In storm topology, I was able to acknowledge each tuple i was
indexing and these acknowledgments were sent from EsBolt to spout and
finally to Zookeeper.

Later I realised that Storm is not the appropriate component for my use
case and I switched to Spark. I am doing the same thing with Spark -
Reading from Kafka topic, reading messages in Spark stream, pass this
stream to a component which converts this stream to RDD and finally indexes
these RDDs. But now, there is no mechanism for acknowledgements. But I
still want to send acknowledgements for each messages being indexed to the
previous component.

My code looks like this -

JavaEsSpark.saveJsonToEs(jrd, "index_{date}/type");

How can I get acknowledgements in Spark-ElasticSearch framework?

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I think you are looking for some alerting like indexing happening for not..if i am right.