Elasticsearch additional node

In our local network I have some server with Logstash + ES + Kibana to analyse the logs from others servers, let's call it log-server.

Just for information, the others servers send the logs using rsyslog facility to the log-server, so logstash get files from /var/remote-log/ directory and then passing them to ES and then to Kibana.

Recently the servers starts to work wrong... I don't know if it's the problem, but...
Some minutes after the start we see another node with the same IP :


"cluster_name" : "LOG",
"nodes" : {
"ylTo0EIRQoeTRpmeFbuKkQ" : {
"name" : "<log-server_dns_name>-1849-14534",
"transport_address" : "inet[/:9301]",
"attributes" : {
"client" : "true",
"data" : "false"
"9a9iB_OHQYaUotDV-9fcQQ" : {
"name" : "Roland Barthes",
"transport_address" : "inet[/:9300]",
"attributes" : { }

In the ES config there are only two uncommented lines :

cluster.name: LOG
node.name: "Roland Barthes"

All others lines are commented.

So I don't understand where the node "<log-server_dns_name>-1849-14534" comes from?
And that I should do with ?

Just for information. In the same local network there are another ES server, but the "transport_address" of my second node is the same as the log-server's one... so I do not think that there is some link with another ES- server.

logstash version : 1.5
ES version : 1.6
Kibana : 4.0

Thank you for your help.

The other node is probably Logstash connecting with the node protocol.

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Is it something new?
Because I'm pretty sure that before there was not this additional node...