Elasticsearch Aliasing a field during search

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Using Elasticsearch v 5.X.

Jumped into a rather strange requirement and need ideas on approach here. I've got a legacy index with fields F1, F2, F3 (Just for illustration purposes). I want to remove the field F2 and F3 from the mapping as they represent the same value as F1. I'm doing this to avoid duplicates and save some space.

But the issue I have is on the existing APPS that are searching this index. These APPs are ones that we don't manage. They still continue to use F2 and F3 as part of their search requests.

Is there any approach where I could transparently do this perhaps like field aliasing (or field synonyms) during search (ie if someone searches for F2 and F3, I'd instead search on F1).

The challenge here is that I'd want to do this in a transparent way without affecting my search APPs(clients). Ideas?

There's work coming that will allow this, but nothing for the moment unfortunately.

Ok - any plan on the timeline and the release?

Follow https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch/pull/31287 for more info.

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