Elasticsearch and jvm version

When I built the clusters I currently manage, we installed java 8 (we are running es 6.6.2 on Ubuntu 18.04). My Dev team is telling me that Java version above 9 have particular improvements in the GC and I should upgrade the java version on all clusters. Is this somethingI should do? Is there any marked performance or stability increase that will result? We also talk alot about the jvm heap size, and I've read quite a bit about not setting it higher than 32 GB, but we have a dev that claims to have a lot of experience with elasticsearch, and says that its fine to go over 32 GB provided that we dont exceed 75% of the servers physical RAM. Is this accurate? I wont set them higher than 32 GB, just wondering if there is any validity to the claim?

Yes you should. Just like Elasticsearch, upgrading the JVM is an important step in making sure you take advantage of bug fixes and improvements.

You shouldn't allocate more than 50% of a hosts memory to Elasticsearch, beyond about 32GB. See https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/6.7/heap-size.html

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