Elasticsearch and Logstash logs retention to 7 days

Hi guys,
Is there any way to reduce the Elasticsearch and logstash app logs count to 7 days using log4j.properties? Currently as I can observe, the log rotation in /var/log/elasticsearch and /var/log/logstash has no limit and goes on rolling over. I want only previous 7 backed-up log files on system.
Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

with elasticsearch, please read the following

If you want to retain log files for a specified period of time, you can use a rollover strategy with a delete action.

appender.rolling.strategy.type = DefaultRolloverStrategy 
appender.rolling.strategy.action.type = Delete 
appender.rolling.strategy.action.basepath = ${sys:es.logs.base_path} 
appender.rolling.strategy.action.condition.type = IfFileName 
appender.rolling.strategy.action.condition.glob = ${sys:es.logs.cluster_name}-* 
appender.rolling.strategy.action.condition.nested_condition.type = IfLastModified 
appender.rolling.strategy.action.condition.nested_condition.age = 7D 
  1. Configure the DefaultRolloverStrategy
  2. Configure the Delete action for handling rollovers
  3. The base path to the Elasticsearch logs
  4. The condition to apply when handling rollovers
  5. Delete files from the base path matching the glob ${sys:es.logs.cluster_name}-*; this is the glob that log files are rolled to; this is needed to only delete the rolled Elasticsearch logs but not also delete the deprecation and slow logs
  6. A nested condition to apply to files matching the glob
  7. Retain logs for seven days


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