ElasticSearch and lookups/set difference

(Andrew Davis) #1

Any one, got a idea how i do differences in documents indexes , like set difference
i have 2 sets of documents in elasticsearch , and indexed
Documents A (indexd on Name field) (temp index)
Documents B (indexd on Name field ) (archive index)
what i want is for a query or hint , of how to do it, if possible
i.e All Documents in index A , that do not apper in index B
like a Set difference.
Any clues would be good, been struggling, for a few days with this.


(Michael McCandless) #2

You could pull all names from both indices, using the scroll API, and then do the set operations client side?

You could ask ES to sort by your name field so that you can just do a merge sort in the client...

Mike McCandless

(Andrew Davis) #3

Thanks for the replay, we had thought, of that, but was looking, to make elastic search cluster do the work, for us, if possible, if its not then we can do above, any ideas.

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