Elasticsearch and openvpn

Hey all,

We recently had cause to run our elasticsearch cluster on two different
security groups on AWS (security groups are like firewalled VPNs). I used
openVPN and IPtables to get it all working, and wrote it all up in a blog
post http://c3x.me/code/2013/02/24/bridging-aws-security-groups-with-openvpn-for-elasticsearch/

I figure this might help someone, some day :wink: the magic was in getting the
routing working because of the way ES nodes advertise their IP address once
you connect. I originally tried the various network and host config
directives, but it didn't work - IPtables worked swimmingly and we were
able to migrate our ~50gb cluster across the vpn without (much) downtime.

-- Courtenay

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