Elasticsearch and reliability

For a while i've been using Elasticsearch and I have a few questions regarding reliability, replication and ingest processors.

I read the following page:

For this example we have the following setup:
3 Elasticsearch nodes in a cluster (master + data + ingest on every node)
1 Logstash

When you send a document to Elasticsearch, with Logstash, it will initially arrive in memory.

  • What happens if in this exact moment the node, that receives the document, will die?
  • Even if the connection is TCP is this also on the application level, does this mean that logstash will re-send the message or can it happen that a document will get lost?
  • How are ingest processors implemented, before or after replication?
  • When an ingest node dies could there be a possibility that a received document will be lost, or does Logstash just resend the document?

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