Elasticsearch appears to be unreachable or down

we suddenly lost the connection between our two logstash servers and the Elasticsearch nodes. The odd thing is that from logstash you can curl, telnet and ping the ElasticSearch nodes, but there is no sending logstash data to ElasticSearch.

When we check the logstash logs, we get the error '[ERROR] [logstash.outputs.elasticsearch] Attempted to send a bulk request to elasticsearch 'but Elasticsearch appears to be unreachable or down! {: Error_message =>" Elasticsearch Unreachable: [https : // xxxxx: 9200 /] [Manticore :: SocketTimeout] Read timed out ",: class =>" LogStash :: Outputs :: ElasticSearch :: HttpClient :: Pool :: HostUnreachableError ",: will_retry_in_seconds => 64}'

Thanks for your help

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