Elasticsearch as a primary store

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I have read a number of posts on the issue still not have answers to my questions.
I want to use ES in a scenario where:

  • new and updateable data is replicated to ES indexes from the SQL database (when changes occur)
  • old, read only data is stored in ES indexes only

I understand that ES may loose data (in some rare cases). I would like to set up some safe framework to handle those rare cases to be sure the data is not lost.

Questions I have are:

  • are there any other use cases appart from the unavailability/crashing of cluster nodes, when the data may be lost? Can data be lost if all cluster nodes are available and working normally?
  • is there a method I can safely detect each node unavailability/crash? Is every crash/unavailability logged?
  • can data be lost for a read-only index? E.g. - while moved from one node to another because of loosing updates to cluster status?

Will be gratefull for any help
I use latest version of ES (6.2)

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