Elasticsearch as database serving article/report text

I am currently developing an pdf archive that should support fulltext search.

Originally the client just wanted to use a pdf viewer but is now thinking of breaking the text up and basically displaying them as multi page articles.

I plan on using es for the search and am wondering if it could also be suitable for storing and serving the report text (the pdfs themselves are stored elsewhere), as it would be easy to split and group the text within documents.

I am sorry if this is a dumb/inapropriate question but any advice would be greatly appreciated!

As usual it depends. But using Elasticsearch for that purpose instead of bringing another datastore to the picture probably makes things easier, at least to begin with.

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Hi Marc,

It's suitable to use ES for this purpose as well. Just make sure you have a good backup policy taking snapshots in place.

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Thank you! That should make things easier.