Elasticsearch as replicator of CouchDB

Hi all,

I'm working on one project where we need to sync up data from couchdb to elasticsearch.
I know that we already had river to do that before. But currently river has been deprecated.
I'm using logstash to resolve but I need to find out the solution which is the same CouchBase Plugin.
Could you please help me to provide me with your solution.

Thank you so much!

You mean couchbase or couchdb?


I mean CouchDB. How can i sync up data from couchdb to my elasticsearch without logstash.

Thank you so much!

As Elasticsearch can not read directly from CouchDB, I suspect you will need an external component. There may be other tools than Logstash that allow for this, but I am not familiar with CouchDB so can not point to any. You can naturally also build your own integration using one of the language clients. Why do you not want to use Logstash?

Thank you so much Christian Dahlqvist.

As you know, I'm trying to find the solution to resolve our problem(CouchDB) as before we did with CouchBase.

I suspect the easiest way to do this would be to use Logstash as rivers are no longer available.

CouchBase and CouchDB have totally different approach:

  • CouchBase uses a replication system to PUSH data from couchbase to elasticsearch using XDCR.
  • CouchDB provides a _changes API which can be used by a ETL to pull changes from CouchDB.

The way to replace couchdb River is by using couchdb input for logstash.
AFAIK you don't have such a XDCR thing in couchDB.

Thank you so much!

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