ElasticSearch AWS Setup - Nodes and LoadBalancers

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Am trying to setup ES on AWS using the following configuration. Wanted to run this by the community to see if I'm doing the right thing. I have approximately 1 million documents to index.
3 Master Only Nodes
2 Data Only Nodes
1 Cooridinating Node


  • Does this setup look correct from performance?

  • How do I configure the Elastic Load Balancer? IF there is a 1 Coordinating Node, does that mean i associate only this Node to the ELB? Which obviously doesnt make sense as ELBs need to have multiple endpoints to be truly load balancing. So does that mean I need to also spin up 2-3 Coordinating Nodes at the minimum and attach those to the ELB?

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I would suggest starting with 2 master-eligible data nodes, 1 replica, 1 shard, and have the ELB point at both.

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Edit :slight_smile:

Thanks! Woudl such a configuration (3 master + data) be able to handle querying across 1-2 million documents?

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I was actually suggesting 2 nodes, not 3, since 1-2m docs doesn't seem like a lot. I only suggested 2 instead of 1 because it sounded like you wanted HA via the ELB. But it all depends on your document size and how you are analyzing/indexing fields, so really there's only one way to find out. Good luck!

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