Elasticsearch behind Azure API Management

We have an Elasticsearch deployed on Azure, and we are planning to protect the access to the Elasticsearch using Azure API Management. When I tried to create API from OpenAPI specification by Elasticsearch (https://cloud.elastic.co/api/v1/api-docs/spec.json), I got the following error:

One or more fields contain incorrect values:
 - Default value must be present in the list of values

I got the URL to the spec json file at page OpenAPI specification | Elasticsearch Service Documentation | Elastic. I am wondering if I am using the one that can be used to create API on Azure API Management.

Looked into the above JSON file again, and it seemed does not include REST API for search at all.

Is there any existing OPENAPI spec for the Elasticsearch REST API such as "/{index}/_search"

Any help is appreciated.

Unfortunately not, no.

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